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At RedTortuga we have spent more than 20 years facing challenges and contingencies, which is why we see ourselves reflected in the day to day work of our customers. They make the road their home to get where they are needed, and we accompany them on their journey to make the path lighter. In all of this time, our luggage has been growing with experience and knowledge.

After our first steps in Mercabarna, our career started in 1995 with the creation of the first service station exclusively for high tonnage vehicles in Spain in La Jonquera. This project opened the doors for Redtortuga to the transportation world in which with time it would turn into a key location in land freight transportation.

Two years later, Redtortuga released its first Diesel Cards so that our customers could refuel at a discount at different service stations around Spain. Slowly but surely, the trips our customers were making were taking them to destinations further way, and we decided to go with them. So in 2006 Redtortuga’s international journey began, a trip which today has taken us to 8 Europe countries with more than 1,200 service stations and to the knowledge that borders are never an obstacle to offering our customers the best possible service in the best possible way.

Before that, in 2001, our determination to respond to any requests transportation professionals might have inspired us to launch Tortuga Services, the Redtortuga services platform where we manage tools, ferries, fines, VAT refunds, and a wide range of services that industry companies need in their business.

Our drive to constantly evolve and innovate has pushed us from the very start and our motivation to always do better and meet ambitious goals in search of excellence with our customers is still with us. Always loyal to our motto:

Together Across Europe

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